The pieces presented here are woven in the true European tradition of the haute-lisse (high-warp), a technique using the vertical loom. The images are created from discontinuous "wefts" or horizontal woven yarn. These wefts are interlaced with vertically aligned threads stretched on a vertical loom, called "the warp". This vertical basic structure is made out of cotton while the wefts are made from colored wool yarn.

These tapestries are the result of a process that may take up to twelve months for each individual piece. Each tapestry starts with an idea-sketch, that develops into a dummy incorporating all the main conceptual and formal features of the envisioned final piece. The next step is a full-sized black & white numbered cartoon. The cartoon is the working plan that defines the images, the shapes and the colors of the future tapestry; it incorporates very precise graphic representations of the desired results. A numbered wool sampler accompanies the cartoon. Each number inscribed on a section of this drawing corresponds to a precise wool color. Many times the artist produces a full-scaled colored version of the cartoon as well.

The original designs complemented by the exceptional technical execution make these one-of-a-kind art pieces highly suitable for decorating residential or corporate wall spaces.

Tapestry numbered cartoon* and colored wool sampler. Each number inscribed on a section of the cartoon corresponds to a precise wool color. * cartoon = a full-scaled working plan of the tapestry, placed behind the warp threads and used as a guide during the weaving process.
Celina Grigore designing the cartoon for her tapestry "Reunion".
Weaving a tapestry on a vertical loom - called "haute-lisse" (or high-warp) technique.

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